One Question to Always Ask at an Interview

Interviews aren’t the easiest to prepare for. They can be intimidating and it’s natural to feel nervous, I know I normally feel anxious before any interviews I attend. There is one piece of advice I give to anyone going for an interview: Always have some questions to ask at the end!

Surprisingly, many people don’t think about doing this. Either they don’t want to give the interviewer the impression that they lack understanding about the role or maybe they can’t think of anything that hasn’t already been covered in the meeting. But it’s much better to pose a question or two than not say anything.

Interviewers expect candidates to have a few questions. It’s an indication of inquisitiveness and eagerness. It also demonstrates that the candidate has been listening and has follow up queries to better understand the responsibilities of the job and the culture of the company. 

That one all important question

And do you want to know the one important question I would always ask at an interview? It’s simple but opens up a lot of avenues of thought because it tells you a lot about what it will be like to work there and it also gives the interviewer an insight into where your priorities lie when it comes to joining a company.

The question is actually a two-parter: How would you describe the team dynamic and in what ways is teaming encouraged?

Why do I think this question is so essential? Honestly, it just comes down to the fact that when joining any team, I want to know as much about it before I decide to commit myself. I want to know what the people in that team are like, how well they work with each other, if they have any challenges with team work or if there are any ways that they could collaborate better. By asking this question I can get an insider perspective of what it would be like to be a part of that team, and whether it’s a group of people I could work well with.

By asking this one straightforward question you will be able to surmise whether it’s the right place for you and how well you fit into the team and the environment.

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