Watch “How to Make Applying for Jobs Less Painful” – Ted Talk by Priyanka Jain

I came across this fascinating video on Ted Talks by Priyanka Jain about using artificial intelligence and algorithms to help you find a role that suits you.  

Many candidates that apply for jobs digitally never hear back from companies, unless they are being invited to interview. More businesses are using automated tracking systems for recruitment and a lot of CVs aren’t being looked at by real people. This AI technology helps to weed through the high volume of applications they receive and the systems are set up to identify keywords applicants use on their CVs and applications.

A lot of candidates will be rejected early on because they’re either not using the right keywords, or the system is automatically rejecting candidates whose CVs don’t include details of requirements that are considered “ideal” rather than essential on the job descriptions. Ideal requirements on job specifications are often overlooked but should always be demonstrated when you are applying for a role to help you stand out.

In Priyanka’s video she discusses the interesting concept of turning the tables and candidates utilising AI to their own advantage when job searching and applying for new roles, take a look to find out more.

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