Plants to Boost Productivity and Improve Wellbeing

potted green indoor plants

I’m probably the least green-fingered person you can meet. I hate getting my fingernails dirty and I really am quite terrified of worms and insects, so gardening has never been something that appealed to me. However, I’ve always loved houseplants and have successfully managed to keep the majority of them alive for a few years now. I first started buying houseplants to liven up my new place because so many of them are beautiful and provide a more natural visual element that helped make my home feel cosier.

Over the years I’ve sought out plants that not only look great, but also provide other holistic benefits. There’s so much amazing greenery that you can bring into your home or office that can improve wellbeing, boost concentration and increase productivity.

Here are some of the best ones that you can find and buy easily. Remember, If you have any pets it’s always a good idea to check if these plants are toxic to them before bringing into your home.  

Plants to improve wellbeing and increase productivity

Lavender – not only does lavender smell and look pretty, it also calms nerves, relieves headaches, prevents insomnia, helps as an aid to depression and can even lower pulse rates. Impressive, right?

Aloe – I’ve always considered aloe a little prickly and slightly unattractive, but they are a bit of a superplant and are thought to bring positive energy into your home. Aloe helps to purify the air of carcinogens and releases oxygen in the evening which helps you to sleep better. It is also known to increase memory, reduce cholesterol levels and you can use it to treat burns and cuts.

English Ivy – this pretty and eye-catching creeping plant massively helps to purify air quality around you.

Rubber tree plant – I’ve got a couple of these robust plants at home and they really have a nice comforting presence, they also remove air pollutants.

Calathea – I love these plants, they’re so striking and there’s a wide variety available. Most calathea have beautiful large patterned leaves and are considered to help you with focus and concentration, they are also great natural humidifiers.

Roses – not only are roses romantic, they are also known to increase concentration, and help you to clear your mind and feel relaxed.

Peace Lily – this elegant plant is another great air purifier, it can remove mould spores from the air and can even help to neutralise carbon monoxide and formaldehyde gases.

These Super Herbs can relieve stress and be used medicinally


Basil – a staple in most kitchens, did you know basil also helps to relieve stress and can be used as a pain relief?

Rosemary – another herb often found in the kitchen, the scent from a rosemary plant can help your memory and focus. It also has properties that stimulates circulation and low blood pressure.

Oregano – one of my favourite herbs to cook with, oregano also has several medicinal qualities including anti-viral and antibiotic properties. It can also be used for skin care.

Thyme – another very underrated herb, thyme can help to relieve sore throats and helps to fight off colds.

Which plants help with getting a better night’s sleep?

If you want to sleep better the best plants to have in your bedroom are lavender, snake plants, bromeliads (which are gorgeous by the way, there’s a picture of mine below), orchids and succulents, such as aloe.

So my advice is to invest in some beautiful indoor plants that you can nurture and be nurtured by in return.

Bromeliad plant
Bromeliad plant

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