The Pin Light Focus

A round up of some of the most helpful and insightful articles I’ve come across lately offering tips on careers, technology, ways of working and entertainment.

Hiring and finding work during a pandemic

Businesses are having to rethink their hiring strategies during the pandemic, this interesting article from The Inc argues that one way forward may be for all new hires to be started remotely, read more here

This great article from Remotely Inclined showcases how many different opportunities are available for remote working in roles that aren’t specifically technical, read more here

Confused about furlough? You’re not alone..

There’s a lot of confusion about the ins and outs of furlough, it’s a lot of information that can be hard to absorb during this tumultuous time. Wired has written a fantastic article breaking down and explaining just what furlough is and it’s impact, read more here

Getting the best out of technology

With so many of us needing to work or study at home during lockdown, we’re relying more on having a faster internet connection. Wired has some tips on how to improve your home broadband experience, read more here

Do you need some help to make video conferencing at home easier? Gizmodo has lots of tips and options available, including alternatives to Zoom, which can have security issues, read more here

Let this entertain you

TV and streaming viewing figures during lockdown have sky rocketed, and the amount of home entertainment content available is being embraced by all of us. Can you imagine how much more difficult everything would be without the internet, music, films, TV, books and video games at home?

I’m loving all the table readings from TV and film casts reuniting and special treats like this great celebrity reading of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Chapter one is being read by Daniel Radcliffe, watch it here

Want to know which pop culture characters you are most like? Why not take this quiz, I got Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, try it out here

I’m a big fan of work-based comedies and Parks and Recreation has always been a favourite, so their reunion video was a highlight last week for me, watch it here