Unexpected Benefits of Working from Home – Part One

It’s week 6 for me working from home full time, and I’ve now managed to establish an easy daily routine. I’ve tried and tested a few different ways of working to help me focus, be productive and stop me from procrastinating. Along the way, I’ve discovered some surprising benefits of working in my living room that I didn’t anticipate.

One bonus I didn’t expect to gain is the difference to my wellbeing since working in natural light.

I have my work area nicely arranged. Yes, it’s only my dining table, but it offers a lot of desk space for my laptop, peripherals, a big mug of coffee and various snacks. It’s all set up exactly as I need it. I have the balcony on my left, the kitchen behind me and my seat faces the TV at just the right angle without drawing my attention away from my computer if I fancy watching something while I work (lately it’s been episodes of Psych – hilarious show). It’s a simple set up and it got me thinking about all the unexpected perks there are when you’re doing your job at home all the time.

One bonus I didn’t expect to gain is the difference to my wellbeing since working in natural light. I’ve always had issues with the fluorescent lighting most offices have, I’d find that by the afternoon I’d be squinting at my screen, feeling more heavy-lidded and clenching my jaw. My head would hurt and even when I stepped away for a break from my laptop I’d still have that persistent little throb at my temples. Since being in my own house, with the sunlight pouring in from the windows I haven’t had even the hint of a headache.

It took me a couple of weeks to notice this difference. I was enjoying the long sunny days looking over the balcony, breathing in the spring air instead of office air conditioning and the general uplift of having sunlight warming my head while I went through my busy inbox. It was a while before I made the connection that this more relaxed environment, with the bright light, soft breeze and fresh air was having such a positive effect on my mood. I will be interested to see if it remains when I do return to being in the office, but for now I’m going to continue enjoying being a little closer to the natural elements.

Have you noticed any advantages to being at home versus the office that you weren’t expecting? Let me know in the comments. Part two coming soon.

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